Dine-in payments made simple

Express check out with ease SCAN or
TAP, SPLIT, TIP, PAY and you’re on your way!

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    Pump up your business

    never wait
    Staff makes
    more tips
    Focus on guest experience
    Integrated with
    your POS

    Simple and transparent

    Why Guests are loving us?

    01. Scan
    Guests want flexibility. Let them scan a QR code to view the menu and settle the bill as soon as they’re ready. It works with any smartphone and there are no apps or downloads required.


    02. Split
    Split the bill among 10 persons? No problems ! Every guest can choose meals they willing to pay for. Whether it’s all on one card, 10 cards, or mixed with cash, it all feels the same to staff—easy.


    03. Tip
    Just tap to tip. No need to carry cash.


    04. Pay
    Just a free taps and you done. Settling the bill is now a 1 step process. Instead of waiting for servers to deliver the check, pick up the payment, and return the card, customers can now view and pay with their phones.


    05. Rate
    We love listening to customer feedback—it’s how we run our business too! That’s why every guest payment ends with a quick survey. See feedback conversion rates as high as 50%

    Payments are faster, convenient and more secure

    A wide range of payment options that guests can choose from

    Guests also can pay with your rewards points or gift cards

    Why restaurants are loving us

    Optimize restaurant capacity

    Tabe turnover up to 15 min faster

    Get more tips

    Your team will be happy to have up to 30% more tips

    Menu management

    Upload and manage your menus at any time, so your staff and guests navigate with ease.

    No new hardware needed

    Easy and simple integration and launch - no additional hardware or software on your end

    Cut processing fees

    Most of your happy customers will cover card processing fees for you

    Already Integrated with your POS system

    We’ve teamed up with some of the best POS systems out there LOGOS IIKO, SYRVE, etc

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